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Treatments that revive your skin as it is resurfaced, infusing it with targeted nutritional formulas loaded with highly concentrated serums, of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and essential oils.

PowerDerm® Patented Kinetic Dermabrasion works by impressing a dense crystalline compound upon the skin with a “kinetic” force.  With this, we achieve dramatic facial resurfacing, remodeling, and lifting that cannot be reproduced with any Medical or other Resurfacing tool, or Collagen injection fillers.

Immediate Results
Immediate Results are an External/Internal FaceLift.  Multiple treatments replace, renew, and rebuild the skin’s dermal cellular structure, bathing it with your own body’s blood nutrients: oxygen, antioxidants, hormones, vitamins, natural peptides, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid. External imperfections are erased, and continual cellular regeneration and restructuring of skin internally is accomplished by causing a constant release of Collagen & Elastin Peptides within the Dermis, in a process called Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding.TM  PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion is the Essential Treatment within our Reversing TimeTM Treatment Programs, and pivotal in the restoration of a younger looking You.

PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion External/Internal FaceLift Benefits:

Removes: Wrinkles (Eyes, Lips, Cheek, Furrows, Forehead, Neck, Décolleté-Chest, etc.), Sun Damage, Freckles, Dry or Dehydrated, Collagen & Elastin Deficiency, Broken Capillaries, Hyper-Pigmentation, Hypo-Pigmentation, Acne, Acne Scarring, Rosacea, Hollowing of Jaw Line, Sagging Eye Contours, Dark Circles, Impaired Circulation, Marionette Lines and Impressions, Stretch Marks, Melasma, Pregnancy Mask, and Discoloration.

Resurfaces & Removes imperfections along with the dead surface skin cell layers that block external topical nutrients from entering the skin.

Delivers External Cosmeceutical nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants into the newly exposed and absorbent skin, supporting the reversal of its aging process.

Triggers 48-72 hours of new skin cell regeneration in the Stratum Basal Layer and the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin Peptides in the Dermis, restructuring the entire skin matrix from Dermis to surface within a Reversing TimeTM Program.

Creates a Facelift thickening of Extra-Cellular Lipids (moisture barrier replenishment) in the Stratum Granulosum, an underlying layer of the epidermis.

Supercharges the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems’ delivery of blood plasma nutrients, oxygen, vitamins, amino acids, peptides, hyaluronic acid, internal antioxidants, and hormones (progesterone, testosterone, estrogen).  Dissolves internal acne scar tissue over time, and restores your skin to youthful, healthy vitality.

Eliminates Toxic skin cellular debris, damaged skin cells, dissolved scar wall fragments, metabolic waste, viruses, bacteria, and other toxins, by flushing them out through the Blood and Lymphatic systems.

Includes your choice of any of our 11 distinct formulas in the Crystal Therapy CollectionTM, which target Skin Impairments with specific Vitamins, Enzymes, Antioxidants, and Essential Oils.

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This Treatment Program has Several Options

This Peel permits the greatest depth of Dermabrasion penetration, resulting in flawless, younger appearing, and beautiful skin.

In a Reversing Time™ multiple treatment program, it will transform your face into its strongest structure, providing an External/Internal FaceLift that utilizes your body’s natural dermal regeneration response for longer lasting results that replace collagen injections.



Removes and reduces wrinkles (eyes ,lips, Cheek, Furrows, Forehead, Neck, Décolleté-chest, ect.), Sun Damage, Acne, Acne Scarring, Rosacea, Hollowing of Jaw Line, Sagging Eye Contours, Dark Circles, Impaired Circulation, Marionette Lines and Impressions, Stretch Marks, Melasma, Pregnancy Mask, Discoloration.

Resurfaces the Epidermis

Resurfaces the epidermis by removing aged, damaged, or unsightly Stratum Corneum layers that also block topical nutrients from entering the skin.


Delivers external Cosmeceutical nutrients’, vitamins, and antioxidants into the freshly exposed and absorbent skin layers, supporting the reversal of the aging process in the Epidermal Structure.

Triggers Cellular Mitosis

Promotes regeneration of skin cells in the Epidermis to replace the skin cell and lipids that have been dissolved or dermabraded away.


Stimulates a release of Collagen & Elastin Peptides from the proliferation of Fibroblasts secretion in the Dermis up to 48-72 hours after your treatment.


Resturctures the skin through thickening and firming with Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding™ through the release of Collagen & Elastin Peptides in the Dermis, ultimately restructuring the entire skin matrix from dermis to surface in a Reversing Time program


Creates a Facelift thickening of Extra-Cellular Lipids (moisture barrier replenishment) in the Stratum Granulosum.


Dissolves skin Cell inter-connection (AHA) and exfoliates as it penetrates deep into the Stratum Corneums Surface skin cell layers and pores.


The blood and lymphatic circulatory systems with blood nutrients, internal antioxidants, your own hormones (progesterone, testosterone, estrogen), peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and oxygen, reversing skin cell damage, while Lymphatic Massage flushes away toxic cellular debris, internally aged or depleted skin cells, and toxins


Reversing time is accomplished when used in our treatment programs, The results of which are a revitalized, renewed, and rebuilt skin and dermal cellular structure that has been nurtured from Dermis to Surface with increased levels of blood nutrients: oxygen, vitamins, antioxidant, hormones, peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Structural regeneration firms and tones the skin from within, fortifying the foundation of your beauty, reversing and erasing the years, creating and revealing a younger looking you.

Collogen Elastin Depleted 
Pumpkin Enzyme Collagen Peel

This invigorating double up of Collagen & Elastin stimulation and the delight of Pumpkin Pie Spices and Aroma Therapy, dazzles the senses, while initiating skin thickening in the Dermis with Callagen & Elastin Peptides.

Our powerful Pumpkin-Fruit Enzyme Collagen Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel followed by a Pumpkin Enzyme Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment enlivens cellular mitosis, and flushes the epidermis and dermis with a dramatic increase in blood plasma circulatory nutrients.

Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Damaged Skin Matrix Layers
Berry Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Peel

Soak in luxurious fruit berries as your skin is peeled down to new heights of rejuvenation with our Cherry-Berry Enzyme Rejuvenating Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel. This will replenish the skin"s underlying Collagen & Elastin matrix while supporting the removal of fine lines and wrinkles deep within the Dermis and Epidermis.

Next, wrinkles are saturated in two powerful free radical neutralizers in our Vitamin "A" Berry with Alpha Lipoic Acid Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment. This treatment delivers targeted free radical neutralizers to fight wrinkles at their core, take down the fine lines and wrinkles, and gives an overall face lift.

Sun Damage, Discoloration, Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Pregnancy Mask 
Triple "C & E" Citrus Anti-SunDamage Peel

Experience an incredible "Wow" as the Power of the Triple Vitamin C combines with the healing of Triple Vitamin E penetrates layer upon layer, reversing the skin cell sun damage.

Sun exposure skin damage from UVA & UVB, discoloration, pregnancy mask, or melasma cannot resist this extraordinary duo's synergy. The Orange Spice Vita "C" Enzyme Revitalizing Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel penetrates into the depths of the outer layers initiating up to 48-72 hours of continual Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding ™, repairing, and restoring cellular tissue back to health.

Following this, a Mandarin Orange with Triple "C" and "E" Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment removes and flushes dead and damaged cells from the exterior and interior layers, removing toxic pathogens internally, and infusing the skin with high levels of Vitamin C to correct deficiencies deep within the multi-layered Epidermis.

Dehydration, Overall Aging 
Wild Cranberry Reverse-Aging Peel

The Scent of Cranberry and soothing Ginger fills the air, and excites the skin. This Cranberry with Ginger Enzyme Antioxidant Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel supports the reversal of premature aging and stimulates Collagen & Elastin peptide production in the Dermis, while it exfoliates and unbinds skin cell connections in the surface layers.

Next, a Wild Cranberry Antioxidant Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment resurfaces away these loosened cells, along with aging skin deficiencies, and wrinkles, and removes dead and dehydrated topical layers.

During this treatment, strong antioxidants penetrate the newly revealed Epidermal surface layers, neutralizing free radicals, while the synergy of the two peels work together to initiate intense Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding throughout the Dermis.

Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, Oxygen Depleted 
Hawaiian Pineapple Papaya Tightening Peel

This popular Hawaiian Pineapple and Papaya duo is highly praised for its facial tightening effect. The Pineapple-Papaya Enzyme Stimulating Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel tightens the skin tissue from the outside and firms by lifting and plumping it from deep within the dermis with Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding.

In combination with this peel is the dynamic Tropical Pineapple Enzymes Anti-Aging Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment. Here, Pineapple Enzymes work with the treatment's natural Lymphatic Drainage Massage to bring more lymphatic fluids in and out of troubled areas to treat dark circles, puffy eyes, lifeless dull skin.

The Double Peel resurfaces the external layers while it clears internal blockages with lymphatic massage.

This literally flushes away cellular debris from within a wrinkled skin's core cellular tissue matrix, and distributes nutrients throughout it. New skin cells are regenerated in a nutrients-rich environment, and are resupplied with a profuse Collagen and Elastin Peptides release within the Dermis.

Rx for Skin Damage, Wrinkles,
Broken Capillaries
Wild Blueberry Super Anti-Aging Peel

Sight and scent exhilarate the senses and revives the skin with this Antioxidant Powerhouse of double blueberry treatment peels.

First, a Wild Blueberry Enzyme Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel is applied, delivering into the skin two Phyto-nutient superstar antioxidants and triggering Collagen & Elastin Peptide release in the Dermis. This strengthens and protects the capillaries within the circulatory system.

In the second peel, a Wild Blueberry Super Antioxidant Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment will provide a second gigantic wave of antioxidants from concentrated Anthocyanins and Phenolics. These are delivered deep into the Surface Layers of the epidermis neutralizing free radicals that cause aging deficiencies.

Dry, Dull, Pale Complexion 
Age-Defying Lavender Detoxifying Peel

This age-defying experience starts with a Wild Blueberry Enzyme Energizing Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel application, which brings the most powerful antioxidant deep into the skin. This initiates the Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding and sparking life to the regeneration process.

Next, a Lavender Restoration Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment infuses its detoxifying essence into the skin, drawing out toxins, as the skin is dermabraded.

The wonders of lavender are an essential part of any anti-aging treatment with the ability to detoxify, and bring nutrients and antioxidants to the skin from both inside and outside the epidermis.

Dehydrated, Sun Damaged
Herbal Phyto-Collagen Natural Lift Peel

In the first level of this delightful return to nature, the air is filled with aromatics of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Enzyme Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel.

Surface cell inter-connections are dissolved as this peel works its antiseptic and antibacterial wonders deep into the surface. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree bring powerful antioxidants to bear against free radicals, and initiate Collagen & Elastin rebuilding.

Next, the Herbal Phyto-Collagen Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment will transport you to a garden of earthly delight, as your skin is resurfaced and facial beauty is restored to younger years using plant extracts, essential oils, and all things botanical.

This starts a rebirth of youth that only Mother Nature can accomplish in soothing and replenishing the skin with natural phyto-extracts. At the same time, the body distributes a supercharge of plasma nutrients throughout the skin blood and lymphatic circulatory system.

Acne, Hormonal, Sensitive 
Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Calming Peel

As the first layer of Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Enzyme Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel is applied, the Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Enzymes known Anti-Septic, Anti-Inflammatory, and Anti-Bacterial agents are delivered deep into the skins surface cell layers.  This heals, soothes, and calms eruptions and infections deep within the pores.

Next, a Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Clarifying Enzyme Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment delivers an even deeper penetration of these powerful healing agents. This supports easy removal of blackheads, comedones, and clogged pores, and assists in preventing acneic flare-ups from bacterial activity in clogged pores.

Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding is supercharged by the physical resurfacing activity that initiates restructuring of the Collagen and Elastin around scars, as Lymphatic fluid whittles away at scar walls, dissolving them slowly, but surely, from within.

Pre and Menopausal 
PhytoEstrogen-Soy Vanilla Coconut Ageless Peel

This unique Vanilla Coconut Enzyme Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Pell taps nature’s miracle of moisturizers-coconut. It brings coconut antioxidant benefits deep into the pores, improves the quality of surface hydration, and gently dissolves the connections between aged topical skin layers, readying them for complete removal.

As a second peel, nothing in nature says “feminine” quite like the Vanilla Soy Collagen Cellular Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment. It delivers copious amounts of phyto-estrogen from soy, an activator of estrogen, directly into newly revealed and absorbent skin cells. This treatment improves skin tone, texture, and minimizes the appearance of unwanted facial hair thanks to a residual “estrogen’ effect.



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